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Well-Known Haverhill Chiropractic Office Recognized As A Whiplash Relief Center

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Haverhill Chiropractic Doctor Offers Whiplash Pain Therapy

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Haverhill, MA 19-March-2011: Haverhill Chiropractic Office is pleased to announce that Dr. Samuel J. Amari, Jr. Haverhill Chiropractor has been recognized for his effectiveness in providing relief to individuals who suffer from whiplash, and brings new knowledge and care to neck injury sufferers. Dr. Amari, Jr. Uses chiropractic techniques that deal with back, neck, pain and other issues which affect the daily life of people and hinder their ability to function normally.

When quoted in a recent interview, Dr. Samuel J. Amari, Jr, said, “Very simply, chiropractic care is the world’s largest drugless and natural healing profession, advocating a short, non-surgical, non-invasive approach of adjustments and therapies. It is designed to reduce your level of neck, back, or joint pain, so that you can return to your normal activities of daily life as quickly as possible.”

Dr. Amari, Jr. Stated further, “To help avoid future occurrences, chiropractic care usually includes advice on how to take care of yourself, tips on sitting, standing, bending and lifting that show you how simple activities of daily life impact your spine. A program of stretching and strengthening exercises also gives your back and neck the flexibility and support they need to survive a lifetime of stress and strain”.

To get more information about the methods and techniques used by Dr. Samuel J. Amari, Jr. Haverhill Chiropractor, to relieve pain safely and naturally, visit, http://www.whateveritis.com today. Individuals and member of the press wishing more details regarding this press release will find contact information below.

Contact person: Dr. Samuel J. Amari, Jr.

Company name: Kenoza Chiropractic Offices

Address: 89-93 Kenoza Avenue, Haverhill, MA 01830-4132

Phone Number: 978-373-9330

Fax Number: 978-373-8967

Email Contact: docsam@aol.com

The Haverhill Chiropractic Office and Dr. Samuel J. Amari, Jr. Welcome people who are in search of a new health experience. They offer a vast range of services, educational material and programs, and qualified advice that will address many physical conditions and health issues, which include traditional, modern natural and holistic methods.

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Haverhill Chiropractors Offer Natural Pain Relief For Whiplash Pain

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Haverhill Chiropractic Doctor Offers Whiplash Pain Therapy

A Haverhill Chiropractor, like any other chiropractor, is someone who uses their hands to manipulate the joints of the spine and the extremities to improve mobility and relieve pain. They do not prescribe drugs, nor do they perform surgical operations. They are able to see patients without a referral. Chiropractic is the world’s third largest healing profession after medicine and dentistry.

To become a qualified practitioner in the United Kingdom, the chiropractic student must undergo a minimum of 3600 taught hours as stipulated by the General Chiropractic Council (GCC), the professional regulating council established in 1999. All practitioners must be registered with the GCC in order to legally practice within the United Kingdom.

Some practices have their own imaging facilities, like x-rays or DEXA Bone Density Scanners for osteoporosis.

Because it involves soft, gentle movements, chiropractic is suitable for all ages, from infants to the geriatric. Some practitioners even treat pets! Some pets, like cats and horses, are natural athletes and as such are prone to the same sorts of injuries as human athletes.

Contrary to popular belief, whiplash injuries are not just those experienced by victims of motor vehicles being suddenly slammed from behind by another car. The term refers to any joint in the limbs or spine that has lost normal resiliency and shock absorption. Normal range of movement is lost and the join can become painful. Left untreated, connective tissue forms around the joint further reducing elasticity and increasing pain.

Because each individual case of whiplash is different, it is impossible to generalise about the therapeutic approach used by the Haverhill chiropractor. The first step in managing the patient with whiplash is to reduce pain and other symptoms. Next, the priority is to restore function, helping the patient return to work and other normal activities quickly after the injury. Teaching the patient that pain does not necessarily mean harm and focusing on those activities they can perform rather than those they can’t are all essential to preventing chronic pain and disability.

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Haverhill Chiropractors Offer Natural Pain Relief For Whiplash Pain

Whiplash is a very common injury which occurs to someone’s neck typically after a sudden force or trauma, and is most common from automobile accidents. And although it is not life-threatening, it can lead to significant disabilities. Here we will discuss why a Haverhill chiropractor can help their patients.

Although most people who are in a minor automobile accident will recover quickly without any problems, there are others who may experience symptoms for many years afterward. Whiplash injuries occur most often from people who are in motor vehicles that are struck from behind causing the head and neck to move backwards and then forward.

After being injured, the victim may start to display symptoms such as neck pain and stiffness, headache and dizziness, fatigue, stiff shoulders and arms and possibly ringing in the ears. When taken to the doctor or hospital they will be examined to determine whether they require further testing. Sometimes a special collar is placed on the neck for additional support.

Physical therapy has been found to be very effective in order to help the patient strengthen their muscles as well as relieving painful motion. Many studies have now shown that excessive rest or being immobilized for an extended period of time may actually have a negative affect, leading to decreased blood flow and increased pain or stiffness.

As far as prevention, many cars today are equipped with safety features such as enhanced seat belts as well as head restraints, and the proper use of these is very crucial. The head restraint should be positioned correctly so that it is directly behind the user and not in a lowered position.

Being involved in a car wreck is something we all hope that we never are going to experience, however should this happen and you experience neck injuries, then you should be checked by a Haverhill chiropractor as soon as possible.

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Haverhill, MA Relieve Auto Accident Pain – Dr. Sam Amari

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