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Full Chiropractic Rehabilitation Facility For Whiplash Pain Offered In Haverhill

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Full Chiropractic Rehabilitation Facility For Whiplash Pain Offered In Haverhill

A car accident can occur at any time, often resulting in devastation and destruction within seconds. Those who have been injured and are suffering from whiplash can find relief from a Haverhill Chiropractor. These professionals offer holistic alternatives to the traditional methods that are normally used.

If you are suffering from whiplash as a result of an accident, it is advisable to seek the methods that are used by holistic professionals. Once you give them a call, you will be booked for a consultation. Upon your first visit you will be asked about your past and present health situation.

They might also recommend that x-rays be given to help determine the extent of your injuries. The x-ray will pinpoint the area that has received the most damage. After that they will decide on which method they will use to give you relief from pain.

Some of the techniques might be massage therapy, or hot and cold compresses. Massage therapy usually lasts one half hour to an hour. This can be an ongoing session. You might have to do this for several weeks.

The professional might also advise you to use cold or hot compresses. These compresses are applied to the area several times a day, usually at fifteen minute intervals. These compresses will reduce swelling of the tendons and ligaments, thus reducing the pain and discomfort that you are experiencing. Sometimes these professionals will recommend that you implement both traditional methods as well as holistic alternatives in order to heal your injury quicker.

Whiplash can be quite painful and can last for a long time if a method for healing is not looked into. If you are suffering from pain in your neck, call a Haverhill Chiropractor and start living a life free from pain. They are professionals in this method of healing and will be quite happy to help you with this.

Suffering from whiplash as a result of an accident? Get more info on a full Chiropractic rehabilitation facility for whiplash pain now in our guide to the best Haverhill Chiropractor at http://www.kenozachiropractic.com

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Haverhill Chiropractor, Dr. Sam Amari, Jr., Helps Eliminate Your Whiplash Pain Now

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Haverhill MA, 20-APRIL-2011 – Kenoza Chiropractic Clinic and Haverhill chiropractor Dr. Sam Amari, DC, are pleased to announce effective strategies to eliminate whiplash pain for local residents. Soft tissue injury, specifically whiplash, is a common result of forces manifested during a automobile collision.

Statistics show that over one million people each year suffer a whiplash injury. During the split seconds of an automobile accident, thousands of pounds of force can be exerted on the topmost vertebrae of the spinal column.

Using x-rays and similar imaging devices may not show whether an injury to the soft tissue has occurred. Yet the patient often has trauma to the area that lasts a lifetime. Prompt assessment and therapy is crucial to future quality of life.

Some pain and symptoms from the accident are immediately noticeable, but often it is the long-term chronic pain and stiffness that create the most negative effect on the life of the victim. There may be headaches, dizziness, and numbness or tingling in the arms and hands. Prompt and specific therapy can reduce or eliminate the effects. A two-fold process of relief will help to speed relief and prevent further deterioration of the tissues at the injury site.

Learn more about therapeutic measure associated with chiropractic care by checking out the website at http://www.kenozachiropractic.com today. Members of the press who want answers to further questions about the information in this press release may contact Dr. Amari at the location below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Samuel Amari, Jr DC

Company Name: Kenoza Chiropractic Clinic

Address: 89-93 Kenoza Avenue, Haverhill, Mass 01830

Contact Telephone Number: (978) 373-9330

Contact Fax Number: 978-373-8967

Email: docsam@aol.com

Website: http://www.kenozachiropractic.com

Summary: Kenoza Chiropractic Clinic and Dr. Sam Amari DC, Haverhill chiropractor offer safe and non-invasive means to alleviate the pain and other symptoms resulting from a whiplash type injury.

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Whiplash Relief in Haverhill, MA – Dr. Sam Amari

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Car Accident Pain Relief in Haverhill, MA – Dr. Sam Amari

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