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Haverhill Chiropractic Doctor Helps Locals With Whiplash Pain

Being in an automobile accident is not a pleasant experience. Some people walk away without a scratch and others are seriously injured. However, sometimes those who seem to walk away, have an injury called whiplash that does not show up immediately. This pain appears in the neck making it painful to move the head in any direction. When this happens, one should see a professional such as a Haverhill chiropractor.

Of the 33 human spine vertebrae, there are seven in the neck called the cervical. This portion of one’s spine supports the head, which weighs approximately 10 pounds. It also has the greatest range of motion which allows one to turn the head from side to side.

When there is an accident, this part of the spine is often jerked about which throws these vertebrae out of alignment, causing undue pressure and resulting pain. A neck brace, which is hard plastic and very uncomfortable, is the usual traditional method. That, in addition to seeking relief from pain, is why choosing a professional who is familiar with this kind of injury is important. There are certain things one can expect from this kind of doctor.

The chiropractor will hold a consultation. During this meeting, he or she will investigate the circumstances regarding the accident and where one is feeling pain. A medical history and the kind of lifestyle a person leads will also be recorded.

An analysis will be made of the condition. X-rays are taken and a physical examination made. At this time, a very careful investigation will be made to make sure there are no ruptured discs or other problems causing the pain.

A plan will be initiated. Together with the patient, a person such as a Haverhill chiropractor will develop a plan to get one back to a normal routine and free from pain. This may include gentle manipulations, and other chiropractic procedures that are used for whiplash problems.

Whiplash sufferers get all-natural pain relief today with Chiropractic therapy. Find more info in our article on the benefits of visiting a Haverhill Chiropractor on http://www.kenozachiropractic.com

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Haverhill, MA, 17-MAY-2011 – Kenoza Chiropractic Offices and Haverhill chiropractor, Dr. Sam Amari Jr DC, are pleased to announce techniques and tools to relieve whiplash pain for local residents. Whiplash injuries are among the most commonly received types during vehicle accidents. The forces released in a rear impact or side impact collision often result in significant soft tissue injuries to the neck and upper back.

Dr. Amari brings 29 years of private practice in Haverhill to its residents. His emphasis is focused on acute and traumatic musculoskeletal injuries. Determining whether or not a whiplash has occurred is the first step in the process. The doctor offers a free assessment for new patients.

Many physicians do not have the capability of identifying and caring for victims of whiplash. Using a clinic that has the knowledge and expertise to look for signs of soft tissue injuries helps to identify patients who may not realize they have suffered a whiplash.

According to Dr. Amari, “Even if you’ve already been examined by a trained professional, or in the emergency room, it is prudent to come to us for a second opinion.” He continues, “If you are in pain due to injuries and are not certain what to do next, look to us as a consultant and caregiver.”

Learn more about the philosophy of chiropractic care and how it can be applied to injuries by checking out the web pages at http://www.kenozachiropractic.com today. Members of the press and others who seek more information about the details of this press release can contact Dr. Amari at the location designated below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Sam Amari, DC

Company Name: Kenoza Chiropractic Offices

Address: 89-93 Kenoza Avenue, Haverhill, Massachusetts 01830

Contact Telephone Number: (978) 373-9330

Contact Fax Number: (978) 373-8967

Email: docsam@aol.com

Website: http://www.kenozachiropractic.com

Summary: Kenoza Chiropractic Offices and Dr. Sam Amari Jr DC, Haverhill chiropractor, offers safe and effective solutions for injuries of the neck and upper back, including soft tissue damage known as whiplash.

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Chiropractic Care For Car Accident Whiplash Pain Offered In Haverhill

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Chiropractic Care For Car Accident Whiplash Pain Offered In Haverhill

Whiplash resulting from an automobile accident can be effectively treated by a Haverhill chiropractor. This condition is characterized by neck pain caused by injury to the soft tissues in the neck. These include muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It occurs as a result of a sudden force or impact that jerks the head forward and backward in one movement.

This jarring action is beyond the neck’s normal ability of motion. The most common cause is vehicle accidents, but it also occurs in contact sports and falls. When a car accident is the cause, whiplash can occur even if the car is traveling slowly. At just 15 mph (24 kph) enough force is created for serious whiplash. Wearing seat belts does not prevent this injury.

Other less common causes are chronic neck strains or sprains, as well as repetitive stress injury (RSI). A typical example of RSI is the habit of talking on the phone with the instrument cradled in the neck. Whiplash has some typical symptoms. These are neck swelling and pain, muscle spasms, neck tenderness, headaches, difficulty rotating the neck, and pain that travels into the shoulder or arm.

Early intervention is essential for this condition. The patient should see a chiropractic doctor as soon as possible after the accident. The potential risks of any untreated neck injury are numerous. X-rays will be taken in case there are fractures or breaks, and it may also be necessary for diagnostic tests.

The chiropractor will manually examine the entire spinal column and gently feel the muscles and bones in the cervical (neck) area. A series of other physical tests will also be carried out. These include muscle strength, flexibility and mobility of the joints, nerve sensation, and reflexes.

After assessing the damage, a Haverhill chiropractor can devise a recovery plan. This usually includes therapies such as muscle relaxation, spinal manipulation, and neck exercises. Pain-relieving techniques can also be applied, for example massage, infrared therapy, heat/ice therapy, or electrical nerve stimulation.

Car Accident Whiplash sufferers get fast, effective, lasting pain relief now! More info in our review on good reasons to visit a Haverhill Chiropractor on http://www.kenozachiropractic.com

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