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Chiropractor In Haverhill Alleviates Whiplash Pain From Car Accident Victims

A Haverhill chiropractor uses natural healing methods to relieve pain people experience from whiplash which is an injury many car accident victims suffer. The neck is exposed to severe range of motion injury during an automobile accident because the it is forced forward and backward during impact. The delicate tendons and ligaments in the neck are easily injured, but chiropractors have had success hastening the healing processes.

Chiropractors use deep tissue massage, cold and hot compress therapy, and spinal realignment therapy, to help relieve pain and restore mobility. Tendons and ligaments heal faster when blood circulation is stimulated around the injured area, which can be accomplished through chiropractic massage. If an injured area is inflamed however, the area will not heal which is why chiropractors apply cold compresses to decrease inflammation.

The cold compress reduces inflammation and also helps relieve pain and helps increase neck mobility. Once the inflammation has been reduced, the chiropractor applies hot compresses to help increase blood circulation and create plasticity in the ligaments and tendons. When blood freely circulates, the more flexible the neck area will become.

Many people begin to experience increased neck mobility after their second or third therapy session. Recovery does not take place over night, but with the proper therapy, most people can resume normal lifestyles once they are healed. Chiropractors will recommend that patients wear a neck brace that keeps their neck immobile during the recovery period.

Chiropractors will use finger pressure therapy to help relieve muscle tightness in the neck and shoulder region. As the muscles relax, the doctor will encourage the patient to practice gentle neck stretches to help increase mobility. However, patients should proceed at a slow and controlled pace so that recovery proceeds at a steady pace.

The Haverhill chiropractor employs only holistic methods to help relieve whiplash pain which is a common injury suffered by car accident victims. The neck is susceptible to injury in a car collision because the neck is forced violently back and forth. Many patients begin to experience positive results after their third chiropractic session.

To relieve whiplash pain naturally and safely visit a Haverhill Chiropractor. You can get complete details and information about the methods and techniques used by the chiropractic professional at http://www.kenozachiropractic.com today.

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