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PRESS RELEASE: Haverhill, MA, 22-SEPTEMBER-2011 – Kenoza Chiropractic Offices and Dr. Sam Amari, Jr., DC, are pleased to announce state-of-the-art techniques and methods that help to relieve the symptoms due to whiplash injuries. In the United States, every year sees one million people whose lives are impacted by whiplash injuries. Chiropractors in Haverhill are trained and experienced in immediate and long-term pain alleviation.

According to Dr. Amari during a recent interview, “250,000 to 400,000 whiplash victims annually end up with the classic symptoms. This makes whiplash an enormous problem in terms of insurance claims, lost work and the pain and misery incurred.” He continued, “I have structured my practice around the goal of providing fast and non-invasive relief for pain and immobility.”

One of the known qualities of whiplash injuries is that they often do not show up immediately. The body does not register the damage done for hours or sometimes days later. Some of the typical symptoms are shoulder and neck pain, weakness or numbness in the arms, nausea, back pain and headaches.

Dr. Amari recommends that local residents who have been involved in a vehicular accident schedule a chiropractic consultation as soon as possible after the accident. The chiropractic discipline has the tools to assess any injuries and prepare a plan for alleviation of the pain.

Learn more about techniques that are proven to help by checking out the web pages at http://www.kenozachiropractic.com today. Members of the press and others who seek more information about the details of this press release can contact Dr. Amari at the location designated below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Sam Amari, D. C.

Company Name: Kenoza Chiropractic Offices

Address: 89-93 Kenoza Avenue, Haverhill, Massachusetts 01830

Contact Telephone Number: (978) 373-9330

Contact Fax Number: (978) 373-8967

Email: docsam@aol.com

Website: http://www.kenozachiropractic.com

Summary: Kenoza Chiropractic Offices and Dr. Sam Amari Jr. DC, chiropractors in Haverhill, offer safe and gentle therapeutic measures that relieve acute symptoms of pain. Prompt action may prevent chronic pain in the future.

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An automobile accident can be a very stressful and damaging event, often causing life-threatening injuries. While the priorities of medical doctors are to treat afflictions that can lead to loss of life, the medical attention will often stop when the patient is out of danger. At this point, pain relief will be the only course of action. Chiropractors in Haverhill can help to alleviate much of the pain and suffering that persists long after the accident.

Much of the pain that persists in the months and years following an auto accident results from irregularities in musculoskeletal biomechanics, an area which is not seen as a priority of medical doctors and insurers. Fortunately, chiropractic doctors understand and offer help in healing such areas. As long-term pain after an accident can cause mental anguish and even depression, it is important that these underlying issues are addressed.

The first stage of a chiropractic intervention will usually be registration. It is during this process that the necessary legal paperwork will be completed. There will also be a full and honest medical disclosure needed. This allows the practitioner to build a picture of overall health, as well as ensuring existing problems aren’t made worse.

The next phase will often be a one-on-one meeting between the patient and the practitioner. This discussion is aimed at getting a full picture of lifestyle, the accident, the pain being suffered and the associated problems with lifestyle and working practices. There will then normally follow an initial physical examination.

The first physical examination will be a two-way process. As the chiropractic professional gently manipulates areas of the spine and surrounding tissue, the patient will be required to give feedback on pain levels. This can help to paint a picture of exactly where the pain emanates from and exactly what the cause is.

A plan of care can then normally be formulated with the information gathered. There are often four phases of care called the acute phase, corrective, strengthening and lifestyle phases. Chiropractors in Haverhill can address the initial intense pain, then increase mobility, strengthen the associated joints and muscles and advise on lifestyle changes to stop future problems.

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Whiplash is most commonly thought of as the result of an automotive accident. It can, however, be caused by a sports injury as well. There are cases in which the pain does not develop right after the accident. After the injury, the symptoms may not go away entirely for years. This is when chiropractors in Haverhill can help.

What may not be realized is that failing to combat the pain when it first occurs may allow complications to appear. A whiplash injury without broken bones is practically undetectable on an X-ray. If the muscles tighten, or the joints are not stable, 62 to 98 percent of the victims suffer neck pain.

Headaches occur in 66 to 70 percent of accident victims who suffer whiplash. There headaches are from the tightened muscles caused by stress. Chiropractors have tips for dealing with whiplash injury even prior to your first appointment.

Your first office visit will start with a question and answer session to help determine the extent of your injuries. It will include trying to pinpoint the time the whiplash occurred and how the pain developed. There will be a physical exam and range of motion testing.

You may be taking strong medication to manage the pain. These pills should be used only as long as you need them. Some of them might be addictive. Alternate methods will be used, rather than medications, to alleviate that pain. Massage and gentle manipulation are the two most common methods used in chiropractic care. Mobilization of the head and range of motion exercises are other likely possibilities.

Chiropractors in Haverhill can determine the best strategy for assisting you to return to normal function. You should, however, try to resume some activities as soon as it is feasible. Additionally, you may have heat applications to relax the tense muscles at the back of the neck. All or some of these techniques may be employed to help you in your recovery. Getting care immediately rather than waiting will assure you of optimal success in your healing.

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Much of the force of many car crashes is absorbed in the spine and neck of the victim. This force can cause multiple injuries, including whiplash. Victims of auto accidents who are experiencing pain, including the pain of whiplash or back pain often find that a Haverhill chiropractor offers help that relieves the pain.

When crash victims visit chiropractors, they receive the care needed to help the body to heal correctly. Without this help, the pain can become worse and develop into chronic pain. The care provided by chiropractors is vital in allowing healing to take place so that pain can stop.

Whiplash is unique to each individual patient. The doctor of chiropractic may use such techniques as spinal manipulation, muscle relaxation and stimulation. In addition, the doctor of chiropractic may assign exercises that will help with healing, along with lifestyle and ergonomic changes that prevent additional injury to the neck.

Spinal manipulation, also called a chiropractic adjustment, sometimes involves the chiropractor applying a short thrust to an area that is affected. In other cases, the professional may use a slow mobilizing movement that helps to restore balance to a joint. This therapy is effective at restoring freedom of movement to the affected joint.

Whiplash often involves muscle dysfunction. The chiropractic professional uses techniques to help to relax tight muscles so that blood can follow to the affected area again and encourage healing. In some cases, the doctor may use trigger point therapy to release these tight muscles. This therapy can help to loosen very tight muscles.

After a car crash, it is important that victims be evaluated by a doctor of chiropractic. The doctor can examine the spine to determine the extent of the injury and formulate a plan to restore balance to the body. A Haverhill chiropractor can help car crash victims to experience less pain when healing after the accident.

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PRESS RELEASE: Haverhill, MA, 16-AUG-2011: Kenoza Chiropractic Offices is pleased to announce that Dr. Sam Amari, Jr., Haverhill chiropractor has been recognized for his success in providing safe and natural relief to individuals suffering from whiplash pain. The doctor has developed the skills and techniques needed to assure that patients receive the effective, long-term relief they need to function normally, without fear of recurring pain.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Amari stated, “Many people who are involved in auto accidents or suffer from sudden impacts do not realize the extent of their injuries until several days have passed. I encourage people who have suffered injuries to visit my office as soon as possible after the incident. By addressing the injury before inflammation, swelling and stiffness begin, we can often avoid many of the more serious issues that result. I work closely with patients who have been injured to make sure that they receive the care, education and resources needed to be able to continue functioning with the least discomfort possible and avoid missing work or other tasks.”

When an individual visits Dr. Amari after an incident, the doctor takes x-rays and conducts a physical examination to determine the extent of the injury and damage that has occurred to the neck and spine. The doctor will ask questions about the incident and, when the injury is the result of an auto accident, he will ask detailed questions about other parts of the body that have been affected by the accident.

After evaluating all of the information, the doctor will develop a unique plan that addresses the specific areas that have been injured, as well as the long-term care that must be provided to help the body to heal effectively. Using a combination of chiropractic manipulation and alternative therapies such as massage, cryotherapy and other techniques, the doctor will realign the discs that have been misaligned, reduce swelling, and relieve inflammation.

To learn more about the methods used by Dr. Sam Amari, Jr., Haverhill chiropractor to relieve the pain of individuals who are suffering from whiplash pain, visit http://www.KenozaChiropractic.com today. Individuals and members of the press wishing to get more information about this press release will find contact details below.

Dr. Sam Amari, Jr., D. C.

Kenoza Chiropractic Offices

89-93 Kenoza Avenue

Haverhill, MA

Telephone: 978-373-9330

FAX: 978-373-8967

Email: docsam@aol.com

Website: http://www.KenozaChiropractic.com

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