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Whiplash injuries are most often sustained in car accidents when the head gets violently jerked or whipped out of its normal range of motion. The ligaments and muscles that support the head and spine are often stretched beyond their limit. There are pulp-like discs in between the spinal bones which can also get torn or even ruptured. The spine may also be twisted out of shape. Those who have suffered whiplash injuries in Haverhill car accidents can find lasting relief from a chiropractor.

Chiropractic therapy is based on the principle that when the spine and surrounding tissues are not properly aligned, this will cause pain. The main technique used is massage, which is done to make muscles and ligaments pliable so that the spine can be reached and correctly aligned.

With whiplash injuries, chiropractic adjustment is often done to relieve pain and restore full motion. It also effectively reduces the pressure on pinched nerves and painful joints. Low back pain, shoulder pain, and rotator cuff impingement are other common whiplash symptoms.

The other course of action a chiropractor may take is muscle therapy. It is administered to car accident victims to reduce the pain they have because of muscle spasms. It is also useful in avoiding the conversion of muscle tissue to scar tissue. This is one of the major causes of chronic pain in car accident victims.

Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs will often be given for this. This does not get rid of the problem at the root and because the pain is masked, but not eliminated, one may overexert and cause further damage. Chiropractic therapy does not use medicine or medical procedures at all.

It gets to the root of the problem to not only stop chronic pain permanently, but also safely restores muscles and ligaments to full use. A patient will have sessions during which the dysfunctional muscle will be relaxed or stimulated. Victims of Haverhill car accidents can find a lasting solution in the hands of a dedicated chiropractor.

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There are several different kinds of injuries that are likely to occur in Haverhill car accidents today. By receiving chiropractic care as quickly as possible after a collision, you can find that you are able to heal better in addition to reducing the pain. It will also help to determine if you have a serious back or neck injury as a result of the crash.

When you are involved in any type of crash, your body can be subjected to some pretty extreme forces whether you are injured in a visible way or not. Just the force resulting from impact can cause significant soreness throughout the body as well as causing certain kinds of injuries that will require medical care. In either situation, visiting your chiropractor can help determine if you need to have further care after the initial visit.

The force created by impact will determine the extent of your injuries. In addition, the type of impact will also have some bearing on this as well. If you have physical injuries you will likely need to go to the emergency room for care.

However, as quickly as possible after you have received that care you will want to make an appointment to see a doctor of chiropractic medicine to determine if your spine is out of alignment as a result of the crash. Sometimes you will not notice that there is an issue until you are examined. General soreness is common even without an injury.

It is important that you maintain the best possible alignment in the spine at all times. This area houses the spinal cord which is used to transmit directions to and from the brain. A slight problem with the alignment can lead to serious problems in other areas of your body.

When you are involved in Haverhill car accidents, many times you will have several different problems. Some of these might include a sore or stiff neck and other generalized stiffness. A quick visit to a chiropractor will help you to alleviate many of those issues.

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PRESS RELEASE: Haverhill, MA, 16-NOV-2011: Dr. Sam Amari, Jr., D. C., provides individuals who are experiencing whiplash pain as a result of Haverhill car accidents. The doctor has developed safe and natural methods and techniques that will help people who have been injured the ability to function more effectively and heal quickly.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Amari stated, “I encourage people who are injured as a result of an impact injury to visit my office as soon as possible after the incident occurs. By addressing the issues before swelling, inflammation, and stiffness begin, a person is often able to maintain their daily activities and function normally while their body heals. I use a combination of methods and techniques that address the pain and swelling immediately and increase circulation to the tissues and muscles that have been damaged. Through a comprehensive wellness program patients are able to achieve a greater level of wellness and increased mobility quickly.”

Once all of the areas of the body that have been damaged or injured are identified the doctor develops a care plan that includes gentle, low-force manipulation to realign the discs in the spine and neck. This relieve pressure on the nerves that have been pinched by the compressed discs. The doctor also uses massage, cryotherapy, and other therapies that relieve swelling and inflammation to the areas and stimulate circulation and healing to tissues, cells, and muscles surrounding the injuries.

Dr. Amari will evaluate an individual’s diet and exercise regimen and make recommendations for changes when needed. Increased intake of vitamins and nutrients that increase healing and regeneration of tissues and cells will improve the body’s ability to heal effectively. Exercises designed to improve mobility and flexibility are also recommended to help patients maintain normal function and reduce the recurrence of stiffness in the neck and spine.

To get more information about the methods and techniques used by Dr. Sam Amari, Jr., D. C. To help individuals who suffer from whiplash pain as a result of Haverhill car accidents, visit http://www.KenozaChiropractic.com today. Anyone interested in getting more details about this press release will find contact information below.

Dr. Sam Amari, Jr.

Kenoza Chiropractic Offices

89-93 Kenoza Avenue

Haverhill, MA

Telephone: 978-373-9330

Fax: 978-373-8967

Email: DocSam@aol.com

Website: http://www.KenozaChiropractic.com

Summary: Dr. Sam Amari, Jr., provides relief to individuals who have been involved in Haverhill car accidents safely and naturally. The doctor uses a “whole body” approach to address the pain of whiplash and other injuries suffered in accidents that addresses the immediate issues and gives an individual the ability to function more effectively.

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