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When suffering from whiplash due to Haverhill car accidents, many turn to the help of a chiropractor. Doctors of chiropractic use gentle, non-invasive techniques to provide effective therapy for injuries associated with these incidents. In many cases, patients experience total recovery.

Whiplash is an injury that affects the soft tissue of the neck. The injury most often occurs when riding in a vehicle that is struck from behind. The thousands of pounds of force can cause the head to move out of position and hyper-extend these soft tissues as they try to regain balance.

Initially, victims of whiplash will notice a loss of range of motion. The neck is sore and turning the head is difficult. Although the initial stiffness may go away, the injury may have long term effects. Without proper care, whiplash may not heal. The result can be headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain that lasts for years. Chiropractic care can ensure proper healing of a neck injured in the crash.

The doctor of chiropractic may use several different techniques to help the body to heal from the effects of whiplash. These techniques encourage natural healing without the use of medication or surgery. If spinal imbalances are located, the doctor may use a chiropractic adjustment to restore balance to the spine.

In addition to injuries to the neck, the impact may have affected the spine in the back. These spinal imbalances may result in lower back pain, as well as pain that radiates to other parts of the body. As the chiropractor restores balance to the body, injuries can heal. Proper healing prevents long term effects of a crash.

Haverhill car accidents can create a lot of pain for victims. When looking for relief of whiplash or other pain related to a crash, many victims have discovered chiropractic care. The gentle care offered can restore the body to health.

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Haverhill car accidents sometimes cause whiplash. The resulting pain can be debilitating, which disrupts your life, and it is possible that it will last for a long time. Fortunately, the pain can be alleviated, and the condition reduced, with chiropractic care.

These days, most people wear seat belts, and that often prevents the problem. Cars are made with head rests now, too, which also helps. Nevertheless, the impact of a car wreck can still cause damage.

The jarring result of a crash often causes your head to whip around on your shoulders. First, your neck is jerked all the way forward and then snaps back. In some cases, the whipping is from side to side. At that time, the soft tissue is stretched out, and then when it jerks back, the damage is done. Traditional thought feels that the best way to get better is immobilization of the neck.

A chiropractor prefers to approach the problem with a combination of methods. Gentle manipulation of your spine might be in order, including some careful stretching. Therapeutic massage might also be helpful, because it helps to relax the neck muscles. Relaxing techniques are beneficial because the pain may be due to torn muscles or ligaments, but it could also be that those muscles have been hyper-extended.

The chiropractic care you receive will depend on the specifics of your injury. The injury can vary in each person, which is why you’ll receive a complete examination before the chiropractor begins. After that, your care will begin, and you will start to feel better.

Those who have been in Haverhill car accidents do not need to suffer from whiplash pain for years and years. Symptoms can be alleviated with the proper care. If you are a victim of this type of injury, contact your local chiropractor, and soon you will be able to return to your regular life.

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PRESS RELEASE: Havervill, MA, 16-DEC-2011 – Dr. Sam Amari, Jr., D. C., has been recognized for his success in providing safe and natural relief to individuals who have suffered painful whiplash injuries as a result of Haverhill car accidents. The chiropractor uses a holistic approach in caring for individuals that incorporates chiropractic care and alternative therapies.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Amari stated, “Many people who suffer from whiplash in an accident do not realize the extent of the injury until they begin to experience pain after several days. I encourage anyone who has been involved in a car accident to visit my office as soon as possible so that the extent of the injuries incurred can be evaluated and a care program started before pain begins. This often results in much less time spent recovering from the injury and most people can continue their normal activities while being cared for.”

A whiplash injury affects the entire body in many ways. The sudden jerk of the neck can cause the discs in the neck and spine to compress and pinch nerves which restrict circulation in the spine and to the body. Many people experience numbness and tingling in their extremities or severe headaches as a result of the injury. As swelling and inflammation increase flexibility and mobility can become severely impacted upon and an individual may be unable to focus or function because of the pain.

Dr. Amari assesses the injuries through a physical exam and x-rays. He identifies the areas of the body that have been injured in addition to the initial whiplash issues and create a wellness program that addresses all of the injuries. Using a combination of chiropractic care and other therapies, Dr. Amari realigns compressed discs to relieve pressure from pinched nerves and restore proper circulation through the spine. He also will incorporate hot/cold therapy and deep tissue massage to relieve inflammation and swelling and increase circulation to the injured areas.

To get more information about how Dr. Sam Amari, Jr., D. C., helps individuals who have suffered from whiplash injuries as a result of Haverhill car accidents visit http://www.KenozaChiropractic.com today. Individuals wishing to get more details about this press release will find contact information below.

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Summary: Dr. Sam Amari, Jr., D. C., provides individuals who have been involved in Haverhill car accidents the care they need to heal from whiplash pain injuries safely, naturally and quickly. The doctor uses a combination of care and therapy to assure that the root cause of the pain is addressed as well as damage that has occurred as a result of the injury.

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