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The use of hydro massage therapy by a Haverhill chiropractor can be the one path to the ultimate pain relief. Chronic pain and the effects of long term conditions can have you scrambling to find the solution. Acute conditions can drag on longer than expected. Either way, when you need to find a way to reduce pain and live a better life hydro massage therapy options have great potential.

The therapeutic benefits of using water massage have been proven to relax pain sensors located in the nerves. The effects can last for hours, days, and sometimes longer. The potential for pain relief goes beyond just the skin. It goes well into the muscle tissue to help prevent the return of painful symptoms.

The chiropractic professional will evaluate your condition, and determine the source of your pain. You may have to have a full examination and undergo a question and answer session in order to get to the heart of your issue. Once this is complete, you and the professional will be able to discuss the benefits of hydro massage therapy for the circumstances that you are experiencing.

There may be additional techniques within your individualized program in order to give you the most complete relief possible. The water massage therapy may be the final step of each session to send you home with reduced symptoms. The professional will seek to engage the appropriate muscles and other areas with a unit that can penetrate into the pain and relax it.

This sort of therapy has shown to be good for lower back pain, upper back pain, leg pain, and deep tissue muscle pain. When it is complete most patients comment on the ease of finding relief on some of their worst days.

When you seek out a Haverhill chiropractor for hydro massage therapy you are gaining more than just freedom from chronic or acute pain. You are gaining therapeutic options which allow you to open up your experiences and do more with your time. Getting involved in the life that you want to live is like recreating the life you want without the issues of painful symptoms.

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A Haverhill chiropractor helps locals suffering from pinched nerves enjoy decreased pain without any invasive actions or pain medication. People’s chiropractic needs are not only limited to adjustments of the spine for a backache, there are many injuries that a person in this profession can address.

People say that one of the worst pains a person can endure is exactly what these doctors are addressing with the people in their area. This symptom occurs when there is too much pressure placed on a nerve by muscles, tendons, cartilage, or bone.

Most times, it is someone’s posture that causes the compression and therefore the pain. When a person is sitting for a long period of time they tend to slouch, this can be just enough to cause the compression of the nerve.

The pain is so bad that many people miss time from work and will even cancel a day out with friends if they have a pinched nerve. Traditional medicine will give a patient non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine to try and reduce the pressure being placed on the area and ignores the damage that is being done to the real source of the pain.

While nothing is being done to take care of the real problem, more damage is happening and that may leave your doctor with what they feel is the only option, surgery. The invasive operation can do more damage because of its close proximity to the spinal cord.

The real alternative is to get chiropractic help, actually this should be the first and only doctor you see because they will address the source where problem is coming from, instead of masking the pain. Scans will be done so the Haverhill chiropractor can see the exact location of a pinched nerve before they begin working with you. Once the area is determined the doctor will adjust your spine accordingly and follow with a series of movements to ease the pain and help the nerve heal.

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We have some exciting news! We have added a new service that will help rid you of pain and tension in your neck, back and shoulders. It’s an alternative to hands-on massage and we are the ONLY office in the whole area to provide this brand new therapeutic device. In fact, we are a demo clinic for other doctors who want to consider using this outstanding therapy. It’s called the SIDMAR RejuvaWave Hydromassage Therapy FB200.

Why settle for less when you’re in pain?

Our new service is a “dry” hydromassage. The best way to describe it is for you to imagine how you felt the last time you were in a hot tub. The warmth of the water relaxed you and the pressure of the water jets against your body soothed your aches and pains for a relaxing massage. The flotation sensation takes the pressure off your sore joints while all this is comfortably happening to you! Now imagine feeling this way without undressing or getting wet… That’s what our hydromassage table feels like.

Hydromassage is an effective alternative to hands-on massage.
• It is done through the clothing to save you the time and potential embarrassment of having to get undressed.
• There are no oils used so you don’t feel uncomfortable afterwards.
• Because it takes only 15 minutes, even the busiest person can find the time to use it.
• You relax more deeply as hydromassage is done alone.
• It targets key tension areas where people need massage for the accident pain – the neck, back and shoulders and legs

Our skin is full of nerve receptors that are linked to our nervous system. When the skin is massaged it causes stimulation and release of chemicals in the brain like serotonin that help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

In just 15 minutes on our hydromassage table…
• Your aches and pains should diminish
• You should be able to move easier and with less pain
• Your blood circulation increases which should help your body function better
• Your stress should fade away
• You should feel more relaxed

You simply lie back, our therapy assistant sets the timer, and within fifteen minutes you will achieve a state of total relaxation and pain sedation. Hydromassage is private, extremely gentle and comfortable, and no one touches you. It’s just you and the table in a quiet area. 15 minutes is all it takes. From the moment you lay on our hydromassage table until your session ends, you’ll understand why hydromassage is so popular!

Come in for your chiropractic examination today! Call 978-373-9330 and ask for Kris

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Stress has been scientifically proven to contribute to illness and disease. New technology has the answer.

HAVERHILL,MA  Dr. Sam Amari, Jr. announces the launch of their new NanoSRT Standard-of-Care Wellness System which uses bio-energetic stress reduction therapy to identify internal and external stressors that contribute to illness and disease.

According to the American Medical Association, stress is a contributing factor in more than 75% of illness and disease. In fact, research suggests that stress contributes to many common ailments including musculo-skeletal disorders, headaches and migraines, common colds, sinusitis, digestive issues, insomnia, depression, dependency, skin irritations, excessive weight gain/weight loss, nausea, allergies and asthma, heart disease, ADD/ADHD and many others.

The NanoSRT Wellness System not only identifies harmful stressors, but provides a non-invasive therapy using bioenergetic frequencies and LED light therapy through traditional acupuncture points to condition the body and effectively manage the stress so that you maintain your optimal health. “We are exposing ourselves to more stress than ever”, says Dr.Amari of Kenoza Chiropractic Offices “Whether it’s financial stress, family pressures, environmental stressors such as hay fever or pollen, work-related stress or other types of stress, these all take a toll on our everyday health”.

While the NanoSRT cannot remove the physical stressor or make the financial problems disappear, what it does is changes how your body copes with the stressors from a health perspective. By receiving NanoSRT therapy, your body creates a barrier so that the stressors no longer deteriorate your health and thus allows your body to function at optimal levels.

During the first visit, patients receive a FREE 100-point Wellness Inspection utilizing an FDA-cleared biofeedback device that provides a report of findings identifying what stressors may be contributing toward their health issues. These findings are prioritized from most severe to least severe and indicate whether they are contributing toward acute or chronic conditions. The NanoSRT system is capable of detecting over 50,000 different stressors.

Once the stressors are identified, the therapy sessions use the Nano Corrective Focus Tool to transmit a series of bio-energetic frequencies, unique to each individual, back into the body, conditioning it to no longer react negatively when exposed to the stressors. Most patients only require between 4-7 therapy sessions.

To schedule your FREE NanoSRT 100-point Wellness Inspection, contact Kris at Kenoza Chiropractic Offices at 978-373-9330. The clinic is located at 89-93 Kenoza Avenue,Haverhill,MA 01830.

About Kenoza Chiropractic Offices is Haverhill’s longest-established chiropractic clinic focusing on the care and rehabilitation of automobile,work-related,and household injuries. We are also a certified NANO SRT Training Center for other doctors and a demo center for the new Sidmar RejuvaWave hydromassage therapy tables.

For more information, please visit kenozachiropractic.com call 978-373-9330 or email docsam@aol.com

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